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Commercial Restoration:

A corporate property is as prone to disaster as a residential one, and even more so due to the higher rate of accident occurrence. Also, you cannot expect a building, no matter how strong, to stand dry and rigid in an event of tsunami. There are certain limits to the level of pressure a structure can withstand. And there are so many commercial files, folders, backup drives, electronics, machinery etc. to be washed away by water or burned by fire, which makes commercial restoration the most hectic process of all. What you will need is a thoroughly professional and a highly experienced company to get the work done for you. That is exactly what Jimco Damage Restoration is.

  • We hire only trained professionals as a part of commercial restoration team. Each of our employees knows every step in the corporate restoration process.
  • We don’t simply hire professionals and send them on the field. We provide additional training and conduct mock restoration drills in order to ensure that they do not commit any mistakes during the actual operation.
  • We carefully plan each of our operations before going through with those. Our strategists are skilled and proficient in drawing up a viable cleaning and restoration plan in a short time.
  • We ensure that all our technicians understand everything about the process just so that they don’t hesitate to take over an absent employee.
  • We hold the requirements of our customers in high regard, due to which we have a long line of clients that trust us completely with the task.
  • We understand that timeframe is quite a concern with a commercial restoration. You need to start with your day-to-day activities as soon as possible in order to avoid any more losses in the business. Hence, we prioritize rapidity without compromising on the quality of our work.

Our quick response team will initially analyze the damage caused to your premises, and send their reports as well as the official ones by the authorities down to our technicians.The technicians will then begin the process of revamping your commercial area. Rest assured that it will not take long for them to get the job done, so that you could continue with your own work.

Simply ring us up at (404) 458-9885 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored