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Fire and Smoke Mitigation:

Most people are surprised to know that there are mitigation techniques involved for fire and smoke as well. You may think that the fire department would have quenched the thirst of that all-consuming gas; but think again! They only dispose the fire. What about the smoke that arises from the assuaged fumes? You don’t want that to spread through your household and cause further mayhem to your unaffected belongings. Hence, as soon as you call the fire department, ring us up. We will dispatch our fire and smoke mitigation squad to your place in the nick of time. By the time we reach your property, you need to take care of the following,

  • The food that has seemingly not been affected by fire should be discarded immediately. Foodstuffs are the most susceptible to fire and smoke, and it may lead to a dangerous form of food poisoning if you consume the stuff.
  • Try to clean your refrigerator after switching off the mains. You can still use it even after it has been affected with a considerable amount of fire. We would definitely get this done ourselves, but your freezer would be better recoverable if cleansed quickly.
  • No restoration company can recover damaged clothing. The only solution is to send all your cloth products, ranging from your pants to your curtains, to a professional and experienced dry cleaner. If you are having difficulty finding one, we can help you with the contact.

In order to do all these things, you will obviously need to enter your premises. But the thing that is less is that you will have to seek permission from the authorities present to gain entrance. Once they state that it is perfectly safe to enter the house, you can start off with the preliminaries. Here is what we will do after arrival.

  • We will first check your refrigerator, and if we deem it good enough to be recovered, a couple of our personnel will start cleaning it as best we can.
  • We will then proceed to analyze your house for possible smoke emanations and fire strikes. We will repair those spots as we find them.
  • We will start wiping the soot out of your chrome, aluminum, and porcelain appliances and products, since smoke may prove to be ineradicable from these materials.
  • We will take care of your chimneys and furnaces by changing the filters if necessary.
  • We will employ the necessary measures to trap the incoming soot from ventilators and other inlets in the house. This will help reduce the amount of smoke accumulated in the interiors.
  • If the temperature in the neighborhood is more than what we deem right, then we will even air out the interiors to reduce the formation and further collection of soot.

Simply ring us up at (404) 458-9885 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored