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Fire Damage Restoration:

All your hard earned possessions consumed by fire? Well, there can be nothing worse than that. Seeing all your precious belongings getting burned by an all-consuming fire.There are a few preventive measures that you could put in place to prepare your house or corporate premises from a fire attack. Here’s what you could do.

  • Fire safes are available are an unbelievably low price in the market at the moment. You can think of purchasing one and stowing away all your important documents and valuables inside. Who knows, even the regular safe that you have bought could be a fireproof one. Check the specifications of the same.
  • These days, even fireproof and water resistant rooms are available in a well-developed house. You may consider installing one in yours.
  • Always check your gas products to see that they are not kept on at times unneeded. Switch them off whenever not required.
  • Install fire alarms and sprinklers wherever required. Such technology is essentially a prevention technique that will take all the preliminary measures to avoid your house from being ravaged by fire.
  • If you need any further assistance regarding fire prevention, we are always there to help you; simply ring us up. You can also call up the local authorities for help regarding fire protection.

Even after taking all the aforementioned precautions, and then some, you may still be faced with an outbreak of uncontrollable fire. That is where the local firefighters and Jimco Damage Restoration services come in.

  • While your insurance will take care of all the finances, we will collaborate with your agents in order to ensure that the costs don’t shoot up uncontrollably.
  • After the fire department is done with their process, we will start employing our procedures.
  • You can rest assured that we will take care of all your belongings, preventing as much damage as possible, and eventually trying to recover them as best as we could.
  • While we may not be professional arson investigators, we will certainly try to fish the cause of the felony as much as we can, helping out the officials with evidence wherever required.
  • Technology will be securely put in place to detect possible fire incision paths in your property.
  • After we are done with analysis of your site, we will immediately start with the restoration process.
  • We have set up an efficient procedure in order to help us save as many fire prone areas as we can in your household. Even if your products cannot be saved, we can always try to recover them by applying the most effective restoration processes possible.
  • We will also supply moving trucks and trams that will help you shift the undamaged items from your house to another.

That is how we operate, applying all the possible preventive measures before going for the restoration. It helps you in saving money as well as time. And we also ensure that all the appliances that we have committed to restoring are recovered within the given timeframe. As soon as you sense a fire outbreak in or around you house, you only need to get out of the place as quickly as you can. The fire department and our restoration company will handle the rest of the situation to the best of our ability.

Simply ring us up at (404) 458-9885 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored