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Mold Restoration:

Before we ask ourselves what mold restoration is all about, we need to ensure what mold is exactly. Mold is essentially an organic being that is attracted to water and moisture. It is quite destructive if allowed to grow. The more the accumulation of mold, the more complex are the ways to get rid of it.Mold can destroy all of your furniture and even get down to expunging your electrical appliances. Before these destructive creatures could get down to doing any of that, you can contact our restoration services to help you avoid the demolition and also to aid with the recovery.

  • Alternatively known as mold remediation, the restoration process would ideally involve approaching the accumulation in a proper manner. Once we have detected the main source of the accretion, we will approach it in an appropriate manner in order to avoid spreading.
  • We use government approved detergent solutions in order to get rid of the mold. If you thought that scratching the things down would work, you are sorely mistaken. It takes more than that in order to purge them altogether.
  • We will use HVAC cleaning procedures, dry brushing, dry-ice blasting, vacuuming, damp wiping, and debris eradicating measures to help you with the restoration process.
  • We generally use the following equipment to analyze and get rid of the molds in your area. The usage depends upon the level of accumulation.
  • We use the moisture meter to gauge the level of water in a particular area.
  • Humidity is responsible for mold accumulation as well. Hence, we employ the humidity meter to measure the level of humidity in the air, coupled with the thermometer.
  • Have you ever heard of a Borescope? That is the instrument specially made to analyze the level of mold accumulation in a particular area. We use that one as well.


That is to say, mold restoration is quite a breeze for us. We will get your work done in no time whatsoever.

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commercial premises to be restored