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We deal primarily in restoration services. Thus, you will find that we provide an array of property and household restoration services for you. If you are faced with a mishap, be it large or small, you can be assured of our aid in a timely manner. Efficiency on our part is what you can count on. And since we directly co-ordinate with your insurance company, you do not need to worry about any money problems. Our professional taskforce will be dispatched at your location within a few minutes of making the call.

But you may be left wondering as to the kind of restoration services we provide. Are you worried that you may unnecessarily disrupt our schedule for a minor restoration? Get that question out of your head right now, because we don’t care how big or small the restoration will be. We only care about serving you to the fullest. Here is what we offer.

  • Water Cleanup: There may be several reasons why your property may have gotten flooded with water. One big reason is the flood. The others could range from the paltry plumbing leak to the heavy rainstorm or excessive snow-clog. The employees that we will dispatch during such conditions are proficient in soaking up every corner of your room and ridding it of water. We will even extract water from the remote holes in your walls to ensure that they don’t get damaged too bad. Our drying process is quick and productive, and will get your house dehumidified in no time.
  • Handling Fire and Smoke Issues: You would definitely know how difficult it is to fix fire damage; not for us though! We have sorted out fire and smoke damage so many times in the past that it is has become quite a routine for us by now. You would be surprised to know that we can refurbish a fire or smoke damaged property as quickly as a water damaged one. A quick response from our certified technicians will ensure that the damage doesn’t become worse.
  • Mold Restoration: Many houses and commercial institutions get covered with mold. Mold is one such accumulating stuff that you simply cannot get rid of with the help of regular cleaning equipment. You will professional cleaning techniques to get the job done for you. That is exactly what we deliver. Our technicians are highly experienced in cleaning mold covered properties and buildings. We will leave you admiring your newly furnished house after our work is done.
  • Odor Elimination: You may be perplexed about the bad odor that may be spreading through your property every time you enter the premises. It won’t confuse us, however. We will fish out the source of the filthy smell and wrench it out of your apartment for good. We will even ensure that the odor itself is entirely purged from your house, filling each of your rooms with a sweet aroma that will even open up the clogged noses of your nosy neighbors!

Our techniques and ways of operation are unique. Unlike other restoration companies that employ the ‘Metropolis (1927)’ movie way of life, we merge our brains and brawns to render perfection in our restoration techniques. This means that each of our employees are not only skilled in the actual restoration process, but also adept at developing the perfect technique to get the work done.

Simply ring us up at (404) 458-9885 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored