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Water Mitigation:

Water mitigation is something that is not done separately by most restoration companies. They tend to think that it is not as useful to the restoration process. In fact, it is critical to halt the spread of water before starting the restoration procedure. You never know when it might start accumulating again. Stemming it right before you start the cleaning process is very important. Before we delve any deeper into the process, let us understand what water mitigation is in the first place.

Mitigation essentially means reduction. In the present context, it will imply the reduction of excess water that has been accumulated in your property. Thus, it means that our experts will try to reduce the amount of damage caused due to floods or leaks. We will ensure that your property is ready to be restored from water damage. Here is what you need to do after going through the incursion or a flood or detecting a possible leakage.

  • Contact Jimco Damage Restoration services right away.
  • Turn off any plumbing mechanisms that might intensify the damage. First, check all your taps and showers and close them tight; not a single drop of water should seep through.
  • If there is a minor leakage in some of the plumbing, try to block it with sealing materials. Don’t touch the major cracks. We will take care of those.
  • Don’t switch on any electrical appliances like vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens. It would be better if you turn down the electrical fuselage entirely.
  • Place aluminum foils and other screening sheets under your soaked carpets in order to avoid staining the hardwood/marble floor.
  • If you think any susceptible materials like books or curtains are going to get soaked before we arrive, remove them from their shelves or rods and place them in a safe corner of the house.

Once we arrive at your place, you can leave everything to us. We will try to alleviate further damage as much as we can. Here’s how.

  • We use the latest equipment to dry out your property completely. Our technology is capable of thoroughly sucking out water and moisture out of the smallest of cracks in your furniture.
  • After the drying process, there may still be certain holes and corners that may be wet. We will detect the level of moisture in every corner of your property with the help of singularly accurate gadgets and exsiccate them entirely.
  • We understand the importance of preventive measures. We will thoroughly seal off all the possible plumbing deficiencies. If required, we will even repair your water pipes and pumps.

By the end of our refurbishment procedures, your house will be ready and waiting to be restored. Our restoration technicians will already be present at your place, ready at a moment’s notice. Thus, you don’t even need to manage the proceedings, but you are always welcome to do that if you want to!

Simply ring us up at (404) 458-9885 whenever you need your house or

commercial premises to be restored